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1. shakraa dayaH suragaNaa nihate.ativiirye tasmindur aatmani suraaribale cha devyaa . taa.n tushhTuvuH praNatinamr ashirodharaa.nsaa vaagbhiH praharsh hapulakod. hgamachaarudehaaH .

2. devyaa yayaa tatamida.n jagadaa tmashaktyaa nishsheshha devagaNashakti samuuhamuu{tyaa}.r . taamambikaama khiladevamah arshhipuujyaa.n bhaktyaa nataaH sma vidadhaatu shubhaani saa naH ..

Kali, all-powerful, absolute and all pervasive, is beyond fear and finite existence and is therefore believed to be able to protect her devotees against fear and grant them limitless harmony and peace. Finally, as total night, devouring all that exists, she is sometimes depicted as standing on Lord Shiva, which, like the necklace of skulls, symbolizes the remains of finite existence.

Kali's devotees reportedly pleased her in the past with human sacrifices.Below are few other Hindu Gods and Goddesses:

Temple Rates
1. Ashtottara Archana (with fruit) $9.00
2. Ashtottara Archana (with fruits & coconut) $11.00
3. Abhishekam - any deity $31.00
4. Car (Vahana) Puja $31.00
5. Homam $31.00
6. Kalyanam $31.00
7. Sahasranamam $31.00
8. Satyanarayana Puja $31.00
9. Flowers (Regular Day) $51.00
10. One Day Temple Kainkaryam
(except New Year Day)
11. One Day Temple Kainkaryam
During Festival Days
12. Bhagavati Seva $31.00
13. Chandi Homam $31.00
14. Deepa Puja $31.00
15. Dhana Lakshmi Puja $31.00
16. Flowers for Navaratri all days $125.00
17. Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi Puja $31.00
18. Nagula Chavithi
(Subrahmanya Swamy Abhishekam)
19. Navaratri all 9 days $501.00
20. Vidyarambham (Only on Vijaya Dasami day) $15.00
21. Skanda Shashthi all events $151.00
22. Pavitrotsavam all events $251.00
23. New Year Day all events $251.00

* All rates are subject to change without Notice.

Sponsorship for Special Services (By Prior Appointment)
Special Services At Temple At Home
Homam $101.00 $125.00
Kalyanam(to Utsava Murtys) $101.00 -
Satyanarayana Puja $75.00 $125.00
Upnayanam $201.00 $251.00
Wedding $201.00 $251.00
60th/80th Birthdays $201.00 $251.00
Hair Offering $51.00 $125.00
Hiranya Sraddham $51.00 $125.00
Anna Prasana $51.00 $125.00
Aksharabhyasam $51.00 $125.00
Namakaranam $51.00 $125.00
Seemantham $101.00 $125.00
All Navagraha Archana $75.00
Punyahavachanam $51.00 $125.00
Nichitartham $101.00 $125.00
Gruhapravesam $125.00
Ashtotram archana with Gold Flowers $51.00
Ashtotram archana with Silver Flowers $31.00

Devotees must arrange transportation of the priest

All rates subject to change without notice. For any service at temple, if more than 20 persons are present, you must rent hall; rental charges extra. For other service,please contact temple office at (908) 725-4477 during temple hours. Devotees must arrange transportation to the priest, and special rates apply for multiple priests.
Sponsorship for Special Services is by prior Appointment.

** Only Hiranya Sraddham performed at temple site
"Hall" rental separate, if required. Approximately five hours of priest's time except for special events such as wedding, Upanayanam, 60th birthday, etc. Devotee must arrange transportation of priest. Special rate apply in other instances. Call Temple at (908) 725-4477 for details.
For all religious services, please contact the temple at (908) 725-4477 during temple hours. If the temple is closed leave a message. Some body will come back to you.
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